From 1985, the deep knowledge of the cutting tools, polishing, toolsholder and metrology and the constant research of the market of Arroyos Suministros Industriales, S.A.
<table width="75%" border="0" align="center"> <tr> <td colspan="5" align="left"><br><br><br><h1>Suministros Industriales Arroyos</h1> <h2>Cutting tools</h2> <ul> <li> powder steel HSS endmills <li> solid carbide HSC endmills <li> endmills <li> powder steel drills, etc </ul> <h2>Bench chamfering</h2> <ul> <li> bench chamfering <li> rods cut-off end surface <li> cutter grinders <li> air lappers, etc </ul> <h2>Polished and abrasives</h2> <ul> <li> diamond tapper files <li> ceramic stones for mould polishing <li> grinding wheels, abrasive discs <li> diamond compound, etc </ul> <h2>Hold and handling tools</h2> <ul> <li> precission drill chucks <li> bridles <li> cones, etc </ul> <h2>Metrolog&iacute;a</h2> <ul> <li> calipers <li> micrometres <li> comparators <li> precission length metrology, etc </ul> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Arroyos Suministros Industriales, S.A. Tel. +34 93 455 94 07 Fax. +34 93 433 01 21</td> </tr> </table>

Our dilated experience in the Spanish metallurgical sector, with the support of the better world manufacturers of cutting tools, has got that we be compromised in all the metallurgical and industrial supply sectors. Our clients are our better guarantee: manufacturers of machine tools, automotive, aerospace, railway, naval, die & mould and small parts machining have bet on us so since we contribute to give add value to their work.

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